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Botox Botox Myths: The 6 Most Common Misconceptions

Proactive skincare is a luxury that is not readily available to the public and far beyond cosmetics ...

May 22 • 3 min read
Botox Botox: What Are the Medical Benefits?

With Botox being a “cosmetic” procedure, many assume that vanity is the main reason it’s so popular....

May 15 • 4 min read
Botox Preventative Botox - How Soon Should I Begin?

Botox continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments in the North Amer...

May 8 • 4 min read
Botox Botox and Fillers. What are the Differences?

The Differences Between Botox and FillersEvery year, providers do more than 15 million minimall...

May 1 • 5 min read
Botox What You Should Know Before Getting Botox

Botox is a lucrative popular and wide-spread non-surgical cosmetic treatment. It’s like that friend ...

Apr 24 • 4 min read
Botox What is Botox?

What is Botox?  CALL US: 587-713-9781 REQUEST APPOINTMENTBotox is a common, safe, and quick pr...

Apr 18 • 4 min read