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Your smile makes up a big part of a first impression you leave both professionally and socially. At Derek Fika Family Dentistry, our Edmonton dental team is committed to helping all clients find comprehensive solutions for improving the long-term aesthetics and health of their smile through cosmetic dental procedures. By incorporating innovative technology, our Edmonton dentist is able to help all patients achieve their ideal smile. 

Beyond Aesthetics

For many, improving the aesthetics of the dentition with cosmetic services can seem like non-necessities that do nothing to improve the overall health and function of the dentition. Rather, many of these treatments often contribute to the overall health of the smile, ensuring long-lasting oral function. Services such as metal-free fillings and ceramic crowns and bridges not only blend in naturally with the rest of the dentition, but also reinforce weakened teeth and prevent further damage.

Even patients seeking more comprehensive dental restorations are often left with an aesthetically enhanced smile. Treatments such as gum re-contouring after treating periodontal disease as well as replacing missing teeth with dental implants not only protect the surrounding tissue from further deterioration, they also improve the overall look of the dentition for many years to come. 

Cosmetic Treatments in Edmonton

At our Edmonton dental practice, Dr. Fika takes a personalized approach to cosmetic services. Beginning with our one-on-one consultations with each patient, we conduct an in-depth smile assessment where patients express their immediate concerns as well as long-term smile goals. Dr. Fika then uses advanced technology to take an in-depth look at each patient’s dentition, identifying functional vulnerabilities as well as areas that could be improved with a cosmetic dental treatment. The results are then utilized to create a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients. 

When developing treatment plans, our mission is to ensure that cosmetic care also enhances the overall health and function of your smile. Depending on the overall condition of the teeth and surrounding tissue, your cosmetic dental treatment plan may include one or more of the following services:

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