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Botox Treatments

Botox Treatments for Therapeutic and Cosmetic Purposes in Edmonton




For many, Botox therapy is often associated with strictly cosmetic treatments, such as smoothing wrinkles and eliminating crow’s feet. However, Botox has many applications beyond the realm of strictly cosmetic procedures. From a therapeutic perspective, Botox therapy can be used to treat migraines, bruxism (teeth grinding), jaw clenching, as well as temporomandibular (TMD) joint problems, providing patients with an alternative to bulky oral splints and mouth guards. At Dr. Derek Fika Family Dentistry, our certified Botox professional in Edmonton use this versatile treatment option for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

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Using Botox for Aesthetic Treatments

Traditionally, Botox has provided patients seeking to improve the look of their skin and wrinkles with a non-surgical alternative. Made of a purified form of botulinum toxin A, the serum used in this treatment blocks nerve activity in the treated muscle, thereby preventing muscle movement. As muscles are unable to contract, Botox therapy prevents the deepening of existing wrinkles as well as the development of new wrinkles.

Depending on your needs, Botox therapy may be recommended for smoothing crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, wrinkles around the nose, lip lines, and other areas where wrinkles may be developing. Additionally, Botox can be applied in cases where flaring nostrils, jowl grooves, chin Try Our Botox Treatment in Edmonton, ABdimpling, and eyebrow elevation may be impacting an individual’s appearance. For lasting results, our Botox professional in Edmonton recommend seeking treatment during the early stages of wrinkle development. 

Alternative Uses for Botox

Beyond cosmetic treatments, Botox can also be used as a therapeutic solution to a number of muscle-related problems. In particular, patients suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders including bruxism (teeth grinding), jaw clenching, and migraines have experienced alleviated symptoms with therapeutic Botox treatments. Often, the TMJ-related conditions are a result of spasms that occur in the muscles surrounding the joint. When combined with subconscious habits just as clenching or grinding, patients may begin to experience symptoms of TMD, including migraines, jaw pain, and soreness. 

When treating TMJ disorders with Botox, the serum is applied to these neighboring muscles, preventing the uncontrollable spasms that lead to migraines and jaw tension. Depending on the patient’s needs, the treatment may be repeated up to three times a year for several years in order to effectively retrain the jaw to not clench or grind. While Botox can be used independently to treat TMDs, it may also be used in conjunction with jaw exercises and splints, ensuring accelerated muscular retraining and lasting results. 

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Whether you’re looking to improve your facial aesthetics or seeking an alternative solution to treating TMJ, Botox therapy offers a versatile, non-invasive solution for a number of concerns. At Derek Fika Family Dentistry, we conduct thorough health evaluations to ensure that this treatment is the most efficient solution for your needs. For more information about the long-term benefits and uses of Botox, call our office today. 

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