Helping Reduce the Risk of Spread of COVID-19

We are excited to let everyone know about our latest Covid19 safety measures.  We decided to have a deep sanitation of our office on a regular basis, in order to give our valued patients and team additional peace of mind.   This service will allow us all to breathe a little easier!

Here is why:

Electrostatic disinfection is non-toxic and a completely safe process to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The disinfectant is positively charged and it bonds with the a negatively charged surface to create an even coverage of disinfectant. 

Electrostatic disinfection process produces a fine mist of electrostatically charged non-toxic disinfection particles that cling to objects and kill the viruses and bacteria that are on them. In addition, the spray penetrates nooks and crannies that are normally difficult to clean, reaching a 50% larger surface area than regular cleaning methods and ensuring that these areas are also disinfected. At the same time, the air in the room is disinfected. 

This spray will attach to all surfaces and walls, and will kill the COVID19 virus. This means that we won't have to worry about droplets being on surfaces. It literally creeps into crevices.  It is amazing!

We will continue with our sanitation protocols.  Using our cleaners will not affect the efficacy of this chemical.   It attaches to the surfaces and stays on like a polishing wax; basically, it wears away with time – so we will be having it done on a quarterly basis. 

By staying safe and wearing our masks, 2021 is looking up!